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Speech & Background Music Systems

At most wedding parties, there will be the need for some sort of Public Address (PA) system or music facility during the meal.

The main reasons for this are:


Speech Systems  - We can provide a radio or cabled microphone for ease of use, so your speeches can be heard by everyone in the room in crystal-clear sound without having to raise or ‘change’ your voice.


Background Music - For a perfect background music solution, simply plug your own device (smartphone/iPod/tablet/laptop/mp3 player) into the our system via the headphone socket on your device (we supply all the leads and cables) so you can have your own playlist during the wedding breakfast.


​Garden/Lawn Music – hugely popular in the summer, couples often want their guests to have background music as they gather on the lawn before or after the wedding ceremony, or indeed before the evening party.

We can supply you with a battery powered portable speaker, which can be connected to a phone, laptop, tablet of your music, USB stick or wirelessly via Bluetooth. An extremely cost effective alternative to live music.

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