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Silent Disco

If you are after a fun and innovative twist on the standard DJ entertainment, then one of our Silent Discos could be just what you are looking for!

What is it and how does it work?

A Silent Disco consists of A DJ or music source that you can provide or multiple DJs or music sources or a combination of the two, for example:


If the Silent Disco has 3 'channels', on channel 1 you could have your playlist that you have compiled playing, on channel 2 you could have a DJ playing different music to your playlist and on channel 3 another DJ playing another different selection of music. This is where it gets clever. If you wanted to have 3 defined genres for a specialist party you could have -  and this is just an example only - channel 1 could be your 'party' playlist, channel 2 the DJ might be playing 80s all night and channel 3 the DJ could play 'Kisstory' style music. The possibilities are endless.

Each one of your guests will have a pair of wireless headphones, and on each headphone will be a switch that allows them to toggle between each channel. If they are in a party mood and you had  the above options available they would opt for channel 1, if 80s was more their thing then they would switch to channel 2, and so on and so forth, they can switch between all the available channels at any point.

You can have pretty much any music you want on the three channels, Dance on channel 1, RnB on channel 2, 60s/70s/80s/90s on channel 3 - whatever you fancy!

Why have a Silent Disco?

If you want to offer more choice of music, want to offer at least one channel where you have created the whole playlist yourself, or if you are at a venue that has noise limitations or curfews, these are just a few examples of why a Silent Disco would be a very good option. 

Your guests can use the volume on each set of headphones to get the level just right for their individual preference, and combined with the ability to choose (within reason - specialist music might require bringing in Djs suited to more obscure genres) whatever mainstream music you like for your party, this really does give you the ability to provide a unique, bespoke evening's (or afternoon's!) entertainment for your Wedding/Corporate/Birthday/Product Launch/Retail party!

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