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Silent Disco

If you are after a fun and innovative twist on the standard DJ entertainment, then a Silent Discos could be just what you are looking for

What is it and how does it work?

A Silent Disco consists of A DJ or music source that you can provide or multiple DJs or music sources or a combination of the two, for example:

If you've not tried a Silent Disco - do it!

Until you've tried it, you night have some scepticism.

But it is a truly great experience, where the guests can immerse themselves in a choice of 3 different Music Choices, then just pop off the Headphones to talk to the person next to them

Having great quality headphones means the music sounds incredible, and spotting friends listening to the same channel as you (as indicated on the lights on the headphones themselves) (Red/Green/Blue) - brings out a sense of togetherness that is rare to find - it really is pretty unique

Examples - Red Channel - Your Wedding Mix / Green - Sing a Long Songs / Blue - 90s classics etc


Why have a Silent Disco?

If you want to offer more choice of music, want to offer at least one channel where you have created the whole playlist yourself, or if you are at a venue that has noise limitations or curfews, these are just a few examples of why a Silent Disco would be a very good option. 

Also, if you didn't want the one style of music to take over and encompass the whole night

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