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Selfie Wizard

Our new 'Selfie Wizard' is an exciting new system that allows your guests to instantly upload photos from their smart phone or tablet to a live TV or projector screen slideshow.

The Selfie Wizard is quickly becoming one of the latest 'must have' entertainment items for parties, and here's why:

Incredibly easy to use.

Works off any smart phone plus a wide range of mobile devices.

Minimal set up time.

No apps or software to download.

No WiFi or mobile data required as the Selfie Wizard has it's own built-in hotspot.

Ideal for displaying photos taken throughout the day for the evening guests to enjoy.

Ideal to book alongside one of our Photo Booths.

You get a digital copy of all the photos on a memory stick at the end of the booking.

See the images displayed on our 100 inch projector screen.

Printing option available (fair usage applies).



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